Course curriculum

    1. The Positive and Negative of Social Media

    2. Children discuss some pros and cons of social media

    3. Positive Impacts of Social Media

    4. Infinite Information and Resources

    5. Creative Outlet

    6. Marketing for Businesses

    7. Civic Engagement

    8. Facilitates Quick Spread of Information

    1. Social media is addicting, distracting and time-consuming

    2. Safety and Mental Health Concerns

    3. Spread of misinformation and disinformation

    4. Social Media can be Polarising

    5. Cyberbully

    6. Cybercrime

    7. You can't be sure who you are talking to

    1. Activity: Risks of Social Media

    1. What is Cybercrime?

    2. Types of Cybercrime

    3. Malware

    4. Different types of Malware

    5. Malware Warning Signs

    6. Reducing the Risk of Cybercrime

    7. Discussion Point: What is okay to share online?

    8. General Online Security Tips

    9. Who Do I Report Cybercrime to?

    10. Online Grooming

    11. Identify online grooming

    12. Reducing the Risk

    1. What is Cyberbullying?

    2. What does cyberbullying look like?

    3. Reducing the Risk

    4. Where can I find help?

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